Job Seeking - How We Help

Interview Improvement

Patricia contacted Career Care because she wanted to significantly improve at job interviews. She had always dreaded interviews and never performed well - to such an extent that it was compromising her ability to gain promotion and progress in her career.

Interview training is provided by Career Care on Saturday mornings. Patricia attended for three weeks in a row while doing further self-development work at home as recommended in the training. She improved her skills in both traditional interviews and competency based interviews.

According to Patricia, her interview confidence has significantly increased and she is looking forward to a promotion opportunity coming up in work that she can apply for.


Getting Interviews

Albert was applying for jobs and not getting interviews. He had also contacted recruitment companies and he found that he had no success with them either. He was finding the whole business of job seeking to be very stressful and difficult to make progress within. 

In Career Care, Albert was helped to draft a different type of CV that was more appropriate to  his circumstances. A new approach to job seeking was also proposed that was easier to undertake and involved less competitive interviewing.

Within a short time, Albert took on a temporary job contract with a local employer. This job has since progressed to a permanent role.

Following Redundancy

David is in his 40’s and worked for almost 20 years in the same company. He progressed through a series of jobs in sales and marketing to become Sales Director. He held that position for almost 10 years and loved it but was made redundant last year.

David had struggled with depression for many years and he was recommended to attend Life Skills training in Aware in order to better manage this.

David was also helped by Career Care to get ready for job seeking. He was referred on to a group based in Dublin city centre called Jobcare. David did a course in Jobcare that resulted in him getting hired and re-establishing himself in employment.


All stories are real but names and some details have been changed