Career Decisions - How Our Mentors Help

First Job

Marie had recently graduated from college when she came to Career Care. She did not know what she wanted to do work-wise. She had done business studies in college and planned to go on and do accountancy. However, by the time she finished college, she had lost interest in that idea.

Because of anxiety, Marie found it difficult to make a decision about what to do career-wise. In Career Care, she was helped to consider her options and was encouraged to take on short-term casual work in order to get real-life experience.

Maria is currently working in an event management company and is exploring the possibility of a career in brand management.

Z Career Choice

Stress Reduction

Peter had been working in retail for almost 10 years when he contacted Career Care. The job had changed over time and Peter  found himself under more and more stress at work. This was affecting his health and Peter wanted a complete career change.

While clear that he wanted out of retail, Peter did not know what he wanted to do next. Peter was supported to explore and consider a wide range of possible job options. He also met with people who were doing jobs of interest to him in order to get better insight of what the job involved.

Peter has decided on the career that he wants to pursue next. He is now job seeking.

Getting Out of a Rut

Gerard was working in a warehouse operative job at minimum wage when we first met him. He was in his mid 40's and had been self-employed in building services for most of his adult life. Unfortunately, his business failed in the economic downturn and Gerard had gone through a difficult time.

The warehouse job had allowed Gerard to return to work. However, after three years there, Gerald felt trapped. We helped Gerard to consider his options and to identify jobs with more scope for development. He produced a CV and got a responsible job in facilities management. He tells us that he loves his new job.


All stories are real but names and some details have been changed