Other Supports

Outlined on this page are supports, available from a range of different sources, that can be relevant to people with stress, anxiety and depression in managing their careers.

Your GP
Over a third of all consultations that a GP engages in are concerned with mental health matters. Your GP can refer you on to a whole host of specialists and services.

A wide range of therapy services exist. Even among psychotherapists, many practitioners specialise in particular issues or, maybe, use methods that don’t suit everyone.

Voluntary Sector Service Providers
Organisations such as Aware, Grow, Shine, Jigsaw. Pieta House, Suicide or Survive and Reach Out provide help, training and other services. Several have local groups organised that meet regularly. You should be aware of what each of these organisations do and should consider participating in initiatives and training offered. The Citizens Information Service (CIS) and the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) also can provide really useful help.

Campaigning Organisations
Another group of organisations, some voluntary some public sector, work to combat stigma and other challenges. These organisations include See Change and Mental Health Ireland. It’s really worthwhile to watch campaigns advance every year and to see progress being made.

Career Support Voluntary Organisations
There are excellent voluntary organisations such as Jobcare that assist people to figure out what they want career-wise and they then support them to find a suited job and get it.

Online Facilities
A huge amount of advice is available through Ted Talks and other forums on YouTube. There are also self-appraisal tools that you can access on-line and structured recovery programmes.

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