Self Care in Work

Understand Employer Support

Understand how your employer can assist and how you can access support if you need it.

Work to Targets
Plan your work, set achievable targets, schedule what needs doing and work accordingly.

Work Sensibly
Take breaks, avoid working long hours, walk when you can, talk to colleagues and breathe.

Maintain Good Relationships
Seek to make great friendships with colleagues, show warmth and watch out for people.

Accept Who You Are
Feeling good about yourself is absolutely pivotal to having and enjoying a successful life.

Talk Openly
Be prepared to talk about mental health matters and also tell your story (if you’re ready to).

Ask for Help
If you find yourself struggling, do not delay in seeking help. If it’s not forthcoming, ask again.

Nurture Open Communication
Help build a culture of openness and trust at work through how you deal with other people.

Look Out for Others
Watching out for other people, being available and providing support is personally enriching.

Respect Privacy
Other people may have similar challenges to you but may not be as ready as you to share.

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