Career Self Care

Accept Who You Are
Feeling good about yourself is absolutely pivotal to having and enjoying a successful career.

Pursue What You Enjoy
Seek to identify and to move into work that you enjoy - and are likely to be very effective at.

Focus On What Suits you
Identify and move into the way of working and the kind of workplace that suits you best.

Link up with people who face challenges similar to your own and meet regularly as a group.

Understand Employer Support
Be familiar with the typical supports and accommodations that responsible employers provide.

Be Success Orientated
Figure out what success means to you and then work towards achieving it in your career.

Take Baby Steps
Seek to make progress through a series of small and simple steps rather than major changes.

The best way of finding out if something suits you is to try doing it - maybe part-time initially.

If you move into a job and it does not suit you, get out of it fast and do something else.

Support Others in Career Management
Supporting other people to make progress in their careers helps you to personally develop.

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