Return to Work - How Our Mentors Help

Phased Return

Joan was out on sick leave for a number of months when she made contact with Career Care. Her health had improved and she was getting ready to return to work but was anxious about the best way to effect this.

Joan had good support from her EAP Counsellor and also from her GP and Psychotherapist and she had discussed how best to  organise return to work with all these professionals. However, she still wanted to discuss everything with Career Care, seeking to cover all her options and to make the best request possible to her employer.


Back from Abroad

Frances had worked in banking in Dublin before going to Canada with friends where she got a job in a call centre. The work in Canada was very pressurised and Frances experioenced a mental breakdown. She was hospitalised and was diagnosed as suffering from bi-polar depression.

Back in Ireland three months, Frances contacted Career Care because she wanted to get a job. We helped Frances as she considered what she would like to do and we supported her as she applied for jobs of interest and went for interview.

Different Work

Having work in Sales all his life, David had a breakdown in his late 40's and had been off sick for several months when he contacted Career Care seeking advocacy support.

David did not believe that he could continue working in sales and wanted to propose to his employer that he transfer into a different type of work within the organisation.

David move into distribution / logistics and has successfully returned to work 


All stories are real but names and some details have been changed