Wellbeing Challenges - How Our Mentors Help

Addressing Stress

Andrew had a good job in the training function of a large professional services company. He approached Career Care because stress was compromising him, his ability to do his job, and his life generally.

Andrew was encouraged to talk frankly to his GP and to his family and friends. He is on medication and is attending psychotherapy. He opted not to disclose anything to his employer. Instead, he is exploring other career options that involve a more relaxed work approach and, hopefully, more personal satisfaction for himself.



Workplace Bullying

Joyce is a Customer Services Supervisor and she has worked for the same company for six years. Her current boss was appointed to the company three years ago and, according to Joyce, this person started bullying her from the outset.

By the time Joyce made contact with Career Care, her wellbeing was seriously compromised. Joyce was supported to get legal advice and make a complaint, first to her boss and eventually to HR.

Joyce's work situation has significantly improved but she has decided to change jobs nevertheless as soon as she identifies and gets appointed to a similar job elsewhere.


Seeking an Accommodation

Brian is a Quantity Surveyor, working in construction, in a role that he enjoys. Brian suffered from depression while in school and college but enjoyed a stable time for the last few years.

Recently, depression started to cause problems for Brian and he was advised by his doctor to take time off work. Brian was reluctant to approach his employer because of how it might impact on his career prospects.

In Career Care, Brian was assisted in considering his situation. He reach a decision to disclose to his employer and to seek an accommodation. Brian was then supported to prepare what he needed to say.

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All stories are real but names and some details have been changed